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Wales mulls pet shop puppy ban

Wales is considering a ban the sale of puppies in pet stores and through third parties.

The plans would make it harder for puppy farmers to sell and are aimed at reducing the number of animals separated from their mothers.

A third-party ban on puppies would mean the only way to obtain one would be through its breeder.

Rural Affairs Secretary, Lesley Griffiths told Welsh Assembly members (AMs): “Embedding a culture of responsible ownership cannot be achieved in isolation and I am grateful for the dedication and passion shown towards animals in Wales. There is always more that can be done but we are proud, as a nation, to be leading the way in raising standards of animal welfare.”

In February Environment Secretary Michael Gove told parliament he was considering a ban on the third party sale of puppies in England.

During her speech Griffiths also said she was looking at reviewing microchipping regulations and extending the rules to include cats.

RSPCA Cymru welcomed the announcement, saying: “Wales was the first country in Great Britain to bring forward more up-to-date regulations on the breeding of dogs. By ending third party sales, and in conjunction with Wales’ unique dog breeding regulations, we can bring an end to the illegal puppy trade and end this multi-million pound business, which continues to bring misery to thousands of puppies, bitches and their new owners.”

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