New pet social media app allows businesses to connect directly with owners

New platform and social media hub Petbar will connect pet businesses directly with owners and pet lovers, giving companies the opportunity to market to target audiences.

People can either sign up as pet owners or a business, and any businesses that register to the platform will be added to its Places and Merchants directory, helping owners to locate specified pet groomers and retailers in their local area.

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It also has a built-in calendar so pet owners can schedule veterinary appointments and give themselves reminders.

Petbar is free to use and download and is available to users in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK on both iOS and Android.

Founder and CEO Adrian Loguidice, said: “The idea for the app came to me after adopting my little Bichon Poodle Daisy. I very quickly became attached to her and Daisy is now apart of the family. We love taking her out with us but its been so hard to find pet friendly businesses and important information that first time pet owners require.

“The aim of the app is to connect people and pets. It is a way to get more involved in the animal community, find and support local businesses and appreciate pets the way they deserve to be appreciated.”

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