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Lily’s Kitchen awarded B-Corporation status

Lily’s Kitchen has been awarded B-Corporation status for the second time.

B Corp is a global movement that is redefining success in business. Regular companies exist for the interests of their shareholders.

B Corps are companies where the interests of employees, communities and the environment rank alongside those of shareholders. B Corps are also required to change their legal documents so that employees, communities and the wider environment, rank alongside shareholders in decision making processes.

B Corps formally commit to the B Corp community principles through signing a declaration.

The B Corp accreditation, which must be reapplied for every two years, highlights the company’s continued commitment to ethical behaviour, responsible corporate governance and employee integrity.

Henrietta Morrison, CEO and founder of Lily’s Kitchen, comments: “We’re part of the B Corp community because we believe in using business as a force for good. It’s perfectly aligned with our values and the way we’ve always conducted ourselves. Acting in a responsible and respectful way as a business is the right thing to do morally and also contributes to the quality of our recipes, the happiness of our stakeholders and our efficiency. It just makes sense.

“This is reflected in our mission statement which is all about the ‘three Ps’:  Pets, People and Planet. That means Lily’s Kitchen is dedicated to providing proper food for pets, with a commitment to tread carefully on our planet and actively engage with our community. Having a successful and profitable businesses allows us to be even more for people, pets and the planet.”

The Our Paw Print for Progress 2017 Report can be found on the Lily’s Kitchen website:

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