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Toilet-python owner found

A python that made headlines after being found by a five-year-old in a toilet has been reunited with its owner.

‘Reggie’ the royal python was found when the young boy lifted his toilet seat in Southend, Essex.

The slippery snake managed to escape from owner Tim Yardley when he moved a few houses away. During the move an air vent became loose in the vivarium and Reggie managed to knock it off during the night and escape.

After many weeks Reggie’s owners feared the worst and gave his enclosure away.

Following the media coverage of the snake being found within the toilet Reggie made contact with Leigh-on-Sea pet shop Scales and Fangs who rescued the python.

Tim Yardley posted to the shops facebook to say: “Thank you to everyone at scales and fangs for looking after Reggie, I’m just glad he ended up in safe hands, my full apologies to the family and their little boy who found him under such circumstances, and if there as anything I can do to make it up to you then I will.

“It was a total accident, he had been gone months.”

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