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Cotswold RAW reaches finals of The Grocer’s new product awards

Cotswold RAW’s sausages have reached the finals of The Grocer’s new product awards.

The company’s co-founder Mark Lewis commented: “Even though many independent pet food traders, dog breeders and acclaimed vets have been championing the multi-faceted benefits of a nutritionally rich raw diet for some while now, the thought of the UK’s oldest food & trade journal (1862) giving a thumbs up to the blossoming BARF movement is beyond our wildest dreams.

“Naturally as a vocal spokesperson for the ‘nutritionally dense’ pet food movement and a thriving rural economy, Cotswold RAW remains 100 percent committed to spreading the raw word during our Summer tour which takes us in August (3rd-6th) to the BBC’s flagship Countryfile Live show at Bleinham Palace.”

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