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New raw food format for smaller dogs launched

The new Poppy’s Picnic Complete Meatballs are specifically suited to smaller dogs.

Poppy’s Picnic raw dog food is handmade by 4th generation butchers in  Wiltshire.

The new meatballs weigh 30 grams each and come in compartmentalised trays of 12, created for maximum

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convenience and to ensure less mess when feeding.

Dylan Watkins, founder of Poppy’s Picnic, explains: “Small dog owners who feed raw, or who would like to, always faced the issue of wasted food. Our new meatballs make the process of feeding really easy, reducing mess and eliminating waste by allowing just the right amount to be taken from the freezer.

“When the meatballs defrost they maintain their shape and are a convenient, alternative way to feed
your best friend a healthy raw food diet. Transferring from pack to plate is also a much easier, cleaner experience, compared to conventional trays, tubs and chubs, and gives complete control over portion amount.

“We know that raw feeding can be a goal for many people who are ultimately put off making the switch because of the meat itself. For those customers who don’t enjoy handling raw food, including vegetarians and vegans, it’s a lot easier with our meatballs to feed your dog the correct amount as they are packaged in specially designed meatball trays and can be served individually with minimal interaction.”

The Poppy’s Picnic COMPLETE Meatballs launched in Hong Kong earlier this year is now available in the

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