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Pet shop worker ‘misread the signals’ and exposed himself

A pet shop worker who exposed himself outside his store to a shocked witness has been fined.

Paul Brown, who runs Hoof and Paws near Bamber Bridge, admits to exposing himself outside the business unit, reports Lancashire Post.

He told police he ‘misread the signals’ from the woman.

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Prosecuting, Pam Ward said: “At 9am the woman was loading her car opposite his business unit’s car park. She heard someone shouting to get her attention.

“As she looked she saw him standing on something and at first thought he had no top on.

“She then noticed he had no trousers on. He put his hands on his head and was smiling at her.

“The complainant said she felt embarrassed.”

His defence lawyer said: “This is an extremely unfortunate state of affairs for Mr Brown. It causes him to have a criminal conviction and to have to explain himself to his family and friends and colleagues.

“This is a situation where bravado got completely out of hand.

“June 9 was a very hot day.

“There had been a conversation with the woman along the lines of: “If it gets any hotter I’ll have to take my clothes off.”

He has been ordered to pay £250 fine, £30 surcharge and £85 costs.



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