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J&K joins Evolution Aqua’s distribution network

Nationwide distributor J&K Aquatics will be adding Evolution Aqua to its product portfolio from July 2017.

The Bridgwater based business has teamed up with the award-winning manufacturer to offer products such as PURE, EazyPod, evoUV and Detox dechlorinators to its extensive network of aquatic stores across the UK.

J&K joins other Evolution Aqua distributors Rosewood, Oasis, Grange, ITC Aquatics and ALF to supply aquatic retailers, water gardening specialists and pets shops, large or small, with the product lines.

“We always look to give our regular customers access to good products, and I know that EA is regarded by many in the UK as a strong brand.” said J&K’s managing director Paul James. “We look forward to seeing how our sales develop.”

Evolution Aqua said it was pleased to be working with the well-established, but also progressive distributor J&K, to provide even wider availability and promotion of its products.

Global success

Evolution Aqua was formed in 2001 with the advent of The Answer koi filter. Today it distributes to over 50 countries worldwide and launched its latest filter, the EazyPod Automatic, in May this year.

The company employs 45 people, with most of its products manufactured at its factory in Wigan, in the North West of England

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