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Alert dog scoops up PDSA Award

Alert dog, Teddy, has been named 2017 PDSA Heroic Hound of the year.

Teddy’s owner, Phoebe, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. Hypo Hounds is completing the training of Teddy at Phoebe’s home.

Envirosmart, makers of Vitafeed, recently began supporting Hypo Hounds, the owner-based assistance dog programme for dog owners in the South East with Type 1 diabetes. “This is an amazing programme,” says Nigel Bateson MD of Envirosmart.

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“With the support of a diabetic alert dog, people with diabetes can dramatically reduce their risk of experiencing a hypo or hyper, which makes a huge difference to their lives. Quite simply, these dogs are saving lives”.

“Teddy will benefit from the brain and body boosting effects of having the optimum daily intake of essential Omega 3 supplied by Vitafeed” said Jane Pearman, CEO of the Hypo Hounds charity. “We are delighted that all the Hypo Hounds in training will be receiving this daily dose of goodness and the results it brings”.

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