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Blue Cross reveals donations-powered Christmas tree

Pet charity Blue Cross, has erected a bright blue, 12-foot Christmas tree outside the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre in Burford.

Powered by real donations received in the post by the pet charity, the Blue ‘Crossmas’ tree started with just one solitary bulb illuminated. The charity hoped that every light would be switched on by Christmas day as people donated to Blue Cross.

On December 20, five days earlier than planned, the Blue Cross announced that it has switched on every single one of the lights on the tree – symbolising 7,838 donations received.

Each of the lights on the tree represents 50 individual donations received through the post from last month. They have been counted by the Blue Cross fundraising team members as they come in to the charity on a daily basis.

Blue Cross Burford Rehoming Centre manager Jenna Martyn commented: “We are incredibly grateful for every single donation we receive. We count on donations to continue caring for all the pets that need us, and each and every one we receive is a symbol of the public’s kindness and generosity.

“While most of us will spend Christmas with family and friends, over 1,000 homeless pets will be spending the festive period in one of our 11 rehoming centres this year – it’s so heartening to see the generosity of our supporters up in lights and it’s great to have achieved our goal more than a week before our target!”


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