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New breed selector tool launched


A new free breed selector tool has been launched to help potential owners when picking the best pet for them.

Bow Wow Meow, creator of the tool, is trying to change the statistics on abandoned pets.

Enlisting a team of specialist dog trainers with years of experience working with both dogs and owners, Bow Wow Meow conducted a rigorous process to determine the core factors that are important when it comes to pet/owner compatibility.

The company then created an interactive and quick online quiz to support pet owners when it comes to choosing a new addition to the family.

The new Dog Breed Selector claims to be able to help an owner to find the right dog breed to suit their lifestyle in under minutes.

Marina Gower, owner of Bow Wow Meow in the UK, said: “We have almost 20 years’ experience in working with pet owners, so we feel a strong sense of responsibility to help potential owners as much as we can.

“Choosing the right dog breed for your family can mean the difference between a wonderful, life-changing addition to the family, a guilt-ridden decision to return the dog, or even abandon it in panic. Our hope for this tool is that it helps people to realise which dog breed would be best suited to their needs.”

Alongside the new breed selector tool, Bow Wow Meow is also offering pet owners a comprehensive puppy guide, to help with the new family addition, as well as a pet name generator to help you give your new furry friend the perfect name.

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