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Cotswold RAW flattered by celebrity chef association

Stylish animal heads on human bodies seem to be all the rage this season. Pet food company Cotswold Raw has announced that it’s flattered by a mistaken association with celebrity chef, Heston.

Cotswold RAW, the winner of the PetQuip’s Best Innovation 2016 award was innundated with phone calls on the day Heston launched his latest Waitrose seasonal offer. By a complete quirk of fate it arrived in stunning packaging that married human bodies with animal heads, a look a little reminiscent of Cotswold RAW’s treasured brand custodian Butcher’s Dog.

Co-founder, Mark Lewis said: “Naturally we’re flattered by any coincidence that aligns our fledgling brand with food legends like Waitrose & Heston. Amalgamating human and animal characteristics is of course nothing new, a timeless style that harks back to Victorian times and that has been adopted by many of prestige propositions over the years (e.g. Speckled Hen’s dapper country gentleman fox).

“Great minds clearly think alike which is why if Heston ever wanted to expand his recipe repertoire expertise to rustic raw sausages for dogs we’d be proud to work alongside him.”

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