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Tetra launches new 3D mobile app


Tetra has launched a new mobile app to help potential fishkeepers envisage how an aquarium might look in their home.

The 3D app illustrates various Tetra aquariums allowing users to choose a tank which is the right size, shape, and colour for any room.

Tetra hopes the launch will encourage more consumers to take up the fishkeeping hobby by making it easier for them to visualise how an aquarium might fit into their lifestyle.

By placing the place marker provided in the chosen room, the app virtually creates Tetra aquariums on the user’s device allowing them to quickly and easily select from Tetra’s range of tanks.

Once the desired aquarium has been selected, users are provided with details of their local store allowing them to make a purchase.

Giuliano Buccino, head of marketing at Tetra comments; “Choosing the right aquarium for your home can feel daunting, especially as it can be difficult to predict exactly how it will look once it’s fitted.

“At Tetra, we’re passionate about making fishkeeping even easier than before and welcome new people to the hobby which is why we have developed this innovative new app to allow potential fishkeepers to feel happy and confident when it comes to purchasing an aquarium.”

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