KJK Ropeworks lead the way

Kevin Keatley, MD of KJK Ropeworks says its ‘Double stop’ slip leads are proving to be a great success and are now one of the company’s most popular leads.

The Double stop slip leads are designed to offer a lead that can be adjusted to suit a dog for comfort and security. The leads are quick and easy to use; one stop prevents the lead from becoming too tight while the other stop prevents the lead sliding off when your dog is by a customers side.

The Double stop slip lead can also be turned into a ‘Head collar’ lead just by pulling a loop through the adjuster with no straps or buckles to worry about.

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Kevin says: “The feedback we get has been excellent; our customers are telling us that dog owners are saying things like ‘This lead has instantly stopped our dog pulling’ and ‘With this lead it’s now a pleasure to take our dog for a walk’.

“Dogs that have pulled are now more responsive, responsive to training and are a pleasure to take out for a walk.”

“It’s always nice to get feedback from customers who are using our leads, KJK Ropeworks has been in business for 33 years and it’s the customer feedback that drives you on and that you can really help people enjoy their dogs and enjoy taking their dogs out for a walk.”


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