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Ceva hosts firework season webinars for pet retailers

Bangs, flashes and bright lights can cause anxiety and fear for pets. As firework season approaches, many retailers will stock up on suitable products to calm companion animals.

Ceva Animal Health plans to help the trade offer useful advice on preventing firework fears. It will be hosting two webinars, which are an AMTRA accredited CPD and quiz worth three points. They will run from 7pm to 8pm on October 6 and October 11 and focus on firework fears and sound sensitivities.

Ceva Animal Health is the manufacturer of ADAPTIL®, FELIWAY® CLASSIC and FELIWAY® FRIENDS. The webinars are called: ‘Be prepared this fireworks season with ADAPTIL, FELIWAY CLASSIC AND FELIWAY FRIENDS’. They will be presented by Emma Wright, retail trainer and SQP advisor at Ceva Animal Health.

Each webinar will cover advice that retailers can give their customers on firework fears and sound sensitivities. They will include the use of ADAPTIL, FELIWAY CLASSIC AND FELIWAY FRIENDS.

SQPs and non SQPs can register their interest by emailing

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