Parrot specialist moves to new home

A pet shop that specialises in selling parrots has opened its doors at its new Leicestershire home.

Midland Parrots was based at a garden centre in Ibstock for seven years. The company had to find new premises when the owner needed the space for other purposes. Midland Parrots has now set up a new outlet two miles away in James Street, Coalville.

“It was a big upheaval,” said Bob. The operation took two weeks. Birds, reptiles, and stock were moved at night while trading continued from the shops during daytime.

“The birds coped well, particularly the parrots as they are used to travelling as we take them home every night and move them between the Coalville and Long Eaton shops,” Bob explained.

“I am pleased to say that all the animals have settled in well to their new home.”

Owner Bob McClumpha and partner Diane Gray began a part-time business in 2002 selling bird food and toys at Midlands markets. Their business went full time seven years later after Bob was made redundant from the building industry.

They opened up in Ibstock, followed by another shop in Westgate, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. The shops sell parrots, budgies and other exotic and aviary birds alongside reptiles and accessories for the parrots and other pets.

The company has customers as far away as Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. It also sends items to people in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and even America.

Having completed the first phase of the new outlet, the company aims to extend the new premises by the start of next year.

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