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UK pet food delivery app launched

A Leeds based company has launched a pet food delivery app.

Sponsored by (Nestlé) Purina, the Monster Pet Supplies – Pet Food Delivery App aims to give pet owners a super quick, hassle free shopping experience to order their pet’s favourites at the touch of a button.

Encouraging uptake of the App has been key to the Monster Pet Supplies launch strategy.

Owners are offered an initial £5 off the first shop which is then increased to an additional £10 off once the App is shared.

£5 for the referrer is paid once a friend checks out, who also receives £5. With no limit to the number of ‘shares’ or vouchers which can be made, consumers are encouraged to share widely.

Jonny Gould, managing director at Monster Pet Supplies said, “At Monster Pet Supplies we are constantly looking at ways we can advance technology to improve the shopping experience for pet owners within the UK.

“We know that convenience and speed of delivery is key. Allowing consumers to access their favourite pet food at the touch of a button meets these needs simply and quickly, with additional features such as scheduling orders for repeat delivery further enhancing the consumer experience.”

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This article was amended on July 29, 2016. 

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