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Charity launches Puppy Pledge

An animal charity has launched a Puppy Pledge asking those who have brought a dog to sign, in an attempt to help prevent irresponsible breeding.

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) claimed that whilst it would always prefer people to rehome a rescue dog, sometimes it is the right choice for a family to buy a puppy.

The website states:”Our vision is that all puppies bred today are raised with the best animal welfare interests in mind so they arrive in their new home healthy and microchipped after spending their early weeks with their mum and siblings.

“To help the plight of puppy farmed puppies, we’re asking everyone to sign our Puppy Pledge, whether you’ve ever bought a puppy or not. The pledge calls for people to understand the puppy buying process and the role microchipping plays in helping to curb irresponsible breeding.”

The charity is hoping this will make people ask the right questions before even seeing the puppy.

The pledge consists of three main points:

  1. Buyer beware – I will read the Puppy Buyer’s Checklist that gives advice on how to go about buying a happy, healthy puppy.
  2. Check the Chip – I will ensure that the puppy we’re buying is microchipped and registered by the breeder on an approved database. When I buy the puppy I will transfer ownership into my name and will keep my details up to date on the database. If the seller cannot prove the microchip paperwork, then I will walk away.
  3. Spread the Word – I will help other puppies by promoting the Puppy Pledge to my friends and sharing the campaign.

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