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Tetra refreshes its range

Tetra has refreshed two of its water care solutions, AquaSafe and EasyBalance, with improved formulae for optimal aquarium care.

Research from Tetra highlighted  that 86 percent of fishkeepers rarely test their waters* as they don’t understand the importance of achieving good water quality parameters and the effects these have on their aquarium.

When it comes to solutions for maintaining healthy aquariums only 44 percent of consumers are aware of solutions with beneficial bacteria while only 33 percent are familiar with products which positively influence water values highlighting a need to better educate fishkeepers*.

To support retailers, Tetra has developed a simple three step programme fishkeepers can follow which helps to promote good health and longevity by neutralising harming substances and providing vitamins, minerals and essential live bacteria to ensure a positive fishkeeping experience.

Céline Rignault, trade marketing manager Tetra commented: “We are really excited to announce the relaunch of our AquaSafe and EasyBalance water solutions with improved formulas.

“Water maintenance is an essential part of fishkeeping and is now easier to manage than ever before thanks to our three simple steps which retailers can use to help fishkeepers remain on top of water care.

“At Tetra, we are committed to continuously reviewing our products to ensure we meet the needs of our consumers and enable fishkeepers to spend more time enjoying the hobby they love.”


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