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Owners continue to humanise their pets

An IAMS and One Poll survey of 1,000 UK cat and dog owners reveals that more than one third (36 percent) are expected to holiday with their furry companions this bank holiday weekend.

Ten percent of owners have regular conversations with their pet and 32 percent believe that pets will purposely open shut doors to avoid being ‘left out’. 50 percent of dogs influence owners’ television choices by barking responses to certain programmes.

Commenting on the findings, IAMS veterinary training manager, Kellie Ceccarelli says, “Humanisation has become a huge trend in the pet world as families increasingly view their pets as members of the family. Whilst it’s touching to see the role pets play in our life and how special the bond is we share with them, it’s important that we respect their needs as cats and dogs, particularly with the nutritional choices we make for them.

“Taking our pets on holiday means that we can spend quality time with them as well as our family, but we must ensure we feed our pets their own food and not be tempted to ‘treat’ them with human foods, many of which can be harmful and in some cases very dangerous.

“As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to feed them a 100 percent complete and balanced diet which provides them with the ingredients needed to live a healthy and active life. What pets eat isn’t always what pets need, which is why IAMS includes high quality animal proteins and the advanced nutrition needed for a strong immune system and shiny coat.”

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