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Pet shop targeted by thieves

Fishguard pet shop owner believes thief who took the contents of her till on Sunday morning may have had a duplicate key.

Jo Beer, of Pampered Pets, told the County Echo there were no signs of forced entry and believes the intruder gained entry by using a copy of her key.

“Everyone in town knows that I’m struggling, so for someone to come in here and make off with a couple of hundred quid is a real punch in the guts,” Ms Beer, who has been running the pet shop for the past five years, told the County Echo.

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“What they did was no different to nicking a charity box, really, because I’m that skint. I think because you run a shop some people reckon you must be loaded, but that’s definitely not the case. I think this crime was premeditated.

“Someone took advantage of my trusting nature, got hold of my key while my back was turned and copied it to let themselves into the shop.

“That’s the part I find so hurtful. I really hope that whoever did this does get collared.”

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