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Designer creates UKs first motorbike dog onesie

Hairy Biker, Renée the Labrador is the proud wearer of the UKs first motorbike onesie specifically for dogs.

Owner, Steve Hawley, contacted K9 CleanCoats in the hope the company could create a made-to-measure, protective motorbike suit so that he could take Renée out on road trips in the side-car of his Royal Enfield.

Made from a Kevlar undersuit and a K9 CleanCoat, Renée is not only protected but remains warm whilst travelling. Since the creation Aileen, the designer, has received a list of other clients wanting a similar suit for their pets.

Steve Hawley said: “I hated leaving Renée, my dog, at home whenever I fancied a ride out on my motorcycle.

“I had planned many mini breaks throughout 2016 and with so many miles being covered, the statistics of ending up in some sort of an accident greatly increased.

“I saw that Aileen, the owner, was hand crafting each of her onesies – or CleanCoats – to specifically fit each of her canine clientèle.

“Since buying the Kevlar CleanCoat, Renée has been showing a lot more confidence in the side-car than on the couple of occasions before where we went on little test rides around our quiet village. And I can now load up the motorcycle outfit with tent, sleeping bag and dog and set off into the world with my best friend knowing that she is as safe as she could possibly be.”

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