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SureFlap® unveils new SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl

Award winning pet product specialist SureFlap® has revealed its latest feeder. The SureFeed® Sealed Pet Bowl features a motion-activated lid that opens when a pet approaches to reveal the food bowl. The lid then closes onto the sealed bowl when the pet moves away after eating.

Suitable for use with wet and dry food, the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl features a unique integrated seal to help keep food fresher for longer. It also prevents wet food from drying out and reduces pet food odours in the home while preventing flies from settling on the pet’s food and laying eggs.

The products arrives with one grey bowl, but it is also compatible with the coloured range of SureFeed pet bowls available separately in blue, pink and green.

The bowl and lid can easily be removed for cleaning and the rest of the unit is wipe-clean. The Sealed Pet Bowl runs on four C cell batteries that typically last for six months.

“The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is sure to be a popular extension to the SureFeed range with research revealing that over 80 per cent of cat owners and nearly 70 per cent of dog owners would use the product,” comments Dr Nick Hill, founder and managing director at SureFlap.

Claim your in-store demonstration kit

To support the launch, SureFlap is offering retailers in-store demonstration kits for placing at the checkout. The food bowl can be filled with complimentary SureFeed branded sweets to tempt customers to help themselves and, in doing so, they get to see the product in action.

The kit contains:

  • SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl
  • A plastic display stand with integrated leaflet holder
  • 50 product leaflets
  • 500g of SureFeed branded sweets to be placed in the bowl
  • A product sticker

SureFlap is offering a free SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl demonstration kit to every retailer who orders four or more units for their store.

For further information on the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl (RRP £49.99) or the company’s microchip operated pet products which include the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder or its innovative SureFlap microchip pet doors, please visit, phone 0800 912 7114 or email


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