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New company joins raw pet food sector

Start-up company Cotswold RAW has announced plans to enter the raw pet food sector. It aims to appeal to the foodie community following months of research at rural country shows.

Cotswold RAW’s range utilises human-grade meat and veg and is tapping into the demand for traceable, fresh, seasonal local produce. The company’s signature dish is presented in a sausage format that it feels will marry the convenience of an easy-to-handle human food with a nutritionally dense raw ingredient deck.

Co-founder Chris Brierley said: “Our mince range sells fantastically to existing raw diehards and bulk purchasers, whilst our small batch sausage offer is perfectly placed to convert traditional pet food purchasers to our premium ‘raw’ cause.”

 “Short-term,” Chris continued, “we’re utilizing social media, quality regional magazines and agricultural shows to build our following and bed down our heartland, becoming the go-to raw guru and displacing some of the image-over-substance designer kibbles that own more shelf space than their quality deserves. We also have a significant amount of new product in the pipeline, including a working dog ‘Endurance’ portfolio, a bespoke Junior and Senior offer and a second tranche of more indulgent flavours: Duck, Rabbit & Venison.”

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