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Tetra launches ProLine heater range



It’s become apparent in the aquatics industry in recent years that there is a need for innovation in aquarium heaters. Many heaters prove unreliable, easily breakable and subsequently unsafe. With this in mind, Tetra set themselves a challenge: to launch a new aquarium heater that has outstanding safety and durability at its heart.

Tetra’s ProLine Heater range offers high quality function and design, and is packed with features to enhance the fishkeeping experience and make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, enabling the fish keeper to enjoy a hassle free hobby. The shatterproof construction guarantees outstanding durability, and safety is further guaranteed with its unique double “auto shut off ” technology provided by two extra temperature detectors.

The ProLine Heater’s Ultra-Flat-Design offers various positioning options without being obtrusive, and semi-electronic Triac technology allows easy, accurate temperature regulation and even spread heat distribution. The temperature of the heaters can be easily adjusted between 18°C to 36°C.

Dave Hulse, Tetra’s technical consultant comments; “Many of the traditional heater designs on the market typically use glass to encase the electrical element and more recently resin, however breakage is a danger factor. Now with the ProLine Heater Range this risk has been eradicated with the shatterproof construction and without the need to compromise on function, design or ease of use”.

Tetra’s ProLine Heaters are available for aquariums between 20L and 400L in size and are priced at £24.50 – £31.50.

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