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Pets Corner releases plans for a new hub

Pets Corner is in conversation with Mid Sussex District Council officers, who are working on the town plan, to designate Northlands Farm, Hickstead, for commercial use =.

Its change of use would mean that Pets Corner, as well as other high profile employers, could remain in Mid Sussex, benefiting the local economy.

Dean Richmond, Pets Corner managing director has made a clear focus on community support surrounding the cutting-edge development which aims to:

–          Generate hundreds of construction jobs over 24 months.

–          Generate 600+ full-time permanent jobs, supported by the site.

–          Generate £2 million in business rates from the whole site – of which £1 million per annum would be retained by Mid Sussex District Council.

–          Include a building that will deliver a minimum 85 percent score for a BREEAM outstanding rating and produce 280,000 kwh of energy from the site’s solar panels per year.

–          Provide a retail shop, vets, offices, online store administration distribution and warehouse to support retail stores across the country.

–          Incorporate: timber frames not steel, cedar exterior cladding, sustainable insulation, PV solar panels, LED lighting, no air conditioning but naturally cooled, rooftop garden, insect walls, balancing ponds, natural stone outdoor surfaces, hedges not fences, beehives on the roof and bicycle houses.

–          Encourage staff and customers to adopt greener travel via train or electric mini bus.

Respect for all animals and the environment is a key concern for Pets Corner and the company’s challenge for this was to translate this philosophy into a contemporary and dynamic design, with genuine consideration for the environment.


The development will incorporate a cutting-edge development which will benefit and add prestige to the local area.

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