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New meet and greet service for dog lovers

A new social networking site has been established for dog owners so they can find playmates for their dogs.

Created by dog owner Annette B Kellow, Barkbook allows people to meet up with other owners in their local area and either join them for walks, or walk their dogs while they are at work or away on holiday. Annette explains: “I noticed that a lot of dog-owning friends like to have playmates for their dogs, especially local ones, and I often look after friends’ dogs when on holiday or working and they do the same for me. I thought it would be a great opportunity for others to be introduced to the same concept.” 

The site is free and can be used by both dog owners or those who enjoy dog walking but are unable to have one of their own due to working or living arrangements.

So far, the site has generated a lot of interest and Annette feels it offers great benefits for both people and pets. She adds: “Barkbook brings dog lovers and owners together. Dog owners will benefit by having a local free dog walker/sitter, while dog lovers will be able to look after a lovely furry friend so they are getting their “doggy fix.” As for the dogs – they will be lavished with attention in a safe and secure environment with a new play friend.”

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