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31% of dog owners prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their dog

Some 31% of dog owners admit they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their dog than their significant partner, according to research by pet food company Natural Instinct.

The study also found 44% of over 2,000 dog owners surveyed revealed their top dinner date for Valentines evening was their dog, as 27% said their expectations of Valentine’s Day are “never met”.

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However, Natural Instinct said “it is not just the annual romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day that demonstrates the close bond between dogs and their owners”. 

A third of dog owners feel more loved by their dog than their partner on a daily basis, when it comes to enjoying their spare time and more than half (57%) would choose to spend this with their dog above and beyond anybody else. 

Rachel Kirby, digital marketing executive and spokesperson for Natural Instinct said: “Dogs have long been known as ‘man’s best friend’ and it is warming to see that this friendship continues to grow with many dog owners opting to spend Valentine’s Day with their pooch, and as many as 45% even admitting to buying gifts for their beloved pets.”

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