Sainsbury’s trials in-store ‘Pet Hubs’

Sainsbury’s has launched a new extended range of pet products in the run-up to Christmas.

The retail giant said it was looking to “get its paws” on the £4.4bn pet market in the UK.

The news also follows predictions from Sainbsbury’s that dog toys sales will double in December, compared with the previous months of the year. 

As well as the new product ranges on offer, the supermarket chain is also trialling a series of ‘Pet Hubs’ across 20 of its supermarkets.

The hubs will supposedly “offer customers a choice of pet products and brands they could previously only find in pet specialists and vet surgeries”.

It said: “The trial will bring customers with cats, dogs and small animals including rabbits, birds and fish an extended range of pet food, accessories and specialist health & hygiene brands in a convenient supermarket setting. Over 100 new lines will be added to the range, including Petface, Frontline and Lintbells.”

The hubs are said to feature “improved and distinctive layouts” to make it accessible for customers to shop by pet type and product. 

Sam Burston, director of grocery, said: “Christmas is a family time and we know that our customers see their pets as a treasured part of their family. 

“Our mission is to make our customers’ lives as easy and convenient as possible; by bringing more fun pet toys and treats to our stores customers can now buy gifts for the whole family under one roof.”

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