Nutro launches two new products

Pet food manufacturer Nutro, has launched two new products into its range, the Grain Free and Limited Ingredient Diet.

The Grain Free line consists of lamb or chicken, as its first ingredient and protein source, plus a blend of vegetables and fruits to provide the “right balance” of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

The Limited Ingredient Diet line, contains a maximum of 10 different ingredients, each one selected for a balanced diet to ensure the pet’s enjoyment and comfort. The range is available for small and medium dogs with lamb, and medium dogs with salmon.

Arthur Renault, Mars Petcare marketing manager for Nutro, said: “Clean eating is a future proof category, and the UK market is ready for it. Nutro Wild Frontier, based on the ancestral diet concept, is already established here and Nutro Grain Free and Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet provide the next generation of hyper-premium products, available exclusively to the specialist pet trade, to encourage dog owners to trade up.

“Our ‘feed clean’ mantra combines the ethos of clean eating: simple ingredients you can find in your own kitchen; purposeful ingredients – only what is necessary and beneficial for dogs; and trustworthy, with control and reliability built into every step of the manufacturing process. Effectively, that means a complete, balanced diet with all the essential nutrients dogs need to consume every day.”

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