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UK spends up to £1.5bn on dog holiday boarding

New research has found the UK is spending upwards of £1.5bn on alternative accommodation for dogs each year.

The research by Lyme Bay Holidays found that the average kennel in the UK costs upwards of £19 per day (£133 for a week’s trip). The company said that ‘staycations’ which would see families bringing their dog on holiday with them would have both financial and health benefits.

Health guidelines outline that the average human should be aiming to do around two and a half hours of exercise per week, and for dogs this ranges between two hours 20 minutes and 14 hours a week, depending on the breed.

With the research suggesting that almost a third of British adults don’t get enough regular exercise, Lyme Bay said it felt it was likely that “unhealthy behaviour is also being transferred over to our dogs”.

Dog behaviourist Adem Fehmi, said that owners should not be leaving their pets for a long period of time saying “dogs are social mammals and we shouldn’t be leaving them for more than three to four hours at a time”. Fehmi added that the time for leaving a pet was “even less for a puppy”.

Fehmi added: “It is really important that an owner is well prepared when travelling with their dog, they must be equipped with the essentials and ensure that their dog is ready to travel.”

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