A day in the life: Richard Fare of Bamfords Top Flight

So, what’s your average day?

Like most people, I set my alarm for about 7am and then ignore it for about 30 minutes till I have to get up. The morning then begins with a greeting from our two cats, Pepe and Penelope, jumping at the glass door waiting for their breakfasts and a hug.

When I arrive the first thing I do is make a coffee, as I don’t function very well without it. I begin the day by firing up the emails to see what’s been sent the night before and checking information received from reps or ongoing projects. I’ll then catch up with Tony and talk about the projects we will be working on and then it’s straight into work. Projects can vary between designing the packaging of our branded range of products, collecting market research, producing and updating POS material, advertising and social media, and even taking a look at our customers’ own label requirements and liaising with them to see what they want.

Recently, we’ve been working on our new website, which will be launching shortly, and will be followed up with an online account record and trade ordering system. Towards close of play we will all sit down and look at the progress of projects. This normally means we are together until after hours discussing ideas.

Then it’s heading home where I’m greeted once again by begging cats who are desperate for attention after a long day of sleeping. I then make dinner, which I do every night, as my girlfriend unfortunately can’t even boil an egg. Depending on the night I spend my evenings in different ways. Outside of work I run the local Scout group which meets for one night a week. Although other nights of the week are used for planning with the other leaders and weekends away. Otherwise I spend my time watching a bit of television, listening to music or doing my other main hobby which is gaming with my friends. I normally turn in at around 12pm which is probably slightly later than I should be, but you have to get the most out of your day.

How did you reach your current role?

After being made redundant from a previous job, I began working at Bamfords five and a half years ago. As I had I had a forklift license I applied to work in the mill. When I was interviewed by Philip, our managing director, I was told that they would like me to work in the office as I also had experience as an area manager. I started by working on the phones taking the customers’ orders, processing invoices and making sure goods were received on time.

At the time Bamfords were working on a wild bird bag design, and having previous creative experience, I threw my hat in the ring and said I would be able to offer some design work. Having done some CAD work before, I was well versed in using similar software. Whilst designed the wild bird bag I liaised with the bag printers about the design and its continued from there. I now work closely with the head of sales and marketing to arrange all of the marketing, packaging and advertising for the company.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

No two days are ever the same and there are always new projects. In this role the highlight is when you finally get to see the end product on the shelves, or being carried out the door by a customer. I also like liaising with customers, on own label projects when you hear feedback that you have exceeded their expectations with the solution that you are able to offer them.

What does the future hold then?

We are currently working on updating our branding packaging, and obviously the website will be launched too very shortly. For myself, it’s a very interesting time with the company as growth leads to further opportunities within the business. In the future, I look forward to seeing how we can continue to offer more to the customers

For more information visit www.bamfords.co.uk/index.htm

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