Chudley’s launches new specialist food for working dogs

Pet food manufacturer Chudley’s has announced a new recipe specialised for working and sporting dogs.

The manufacturer says the new recipe is “highly nutritional, containing substantial levels of quality protein alongside a patented blend of antioxidants to support and maintain your dog’s health and well being”.

Dr John Lowe, nutritionist at Chudley’s, said the new recipe was a “working dog diet consisting of 23 percent protein and 12 percent fat”.

He added: “Formulated with extra duck, the diet combines an appetising blend of ingredients to encourage taste palatability with nutritional excellence.

“The nutritional balance tailored for the medium to hard working dog with its energy from fat sources is further enhanced by additional carnitine and taurine to help support muscle metabolism; the heart of the working dog.

“The addition of functional fibres and prebiotics provide for nutritional support of the intestine and the immune system whilst green lipped mussel, Omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine act synergistically as an aid to the maintenance of the joints enhancing a dog’s mobility.

Brand ambassador for Lain Shooting School and Mullenscote Dog Training, Howard Kirby, said the new recipe was an “all-round diet that is just perfect for our dogs as they need to be fit, healthy and in top condition at all time”.

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