Ceva launches ADAPTIL Junior for puppies

Recent research by Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of ADAPTIL, has revealed that over 60 percent of dog owners purchase their dogs as puppies, with half of those questioned getting their dogs before they are three months old1.

With this in mind, Ceva Animal Health has launched ADAPTIL® Junior, to help puppies learn and adapt to their new home.

ADAPTIL Junior is an easy to use, adjustable collar that helps comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitates their education during the important socialisation period.  It is proven to reduce night crying and whining by 86 percent2 and helps puppies to adapt to their new homes and unfamiliar situations in only three days3, 4.

Moreover, puppies with ADAPTIL Junior are less fearful and anxious during puppy classes, resulting in better long-term socialisation3.  ADAPTIL Junior helps puppies develop into balanced and well-trained adult dogs.


ADAPTIL Junior releases ‘comforting messages’ identical to the ones sent by the mother dog to naturally calm and reassure her new puppies (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) and is activated by body heat.

The translucent blue collar, which fits necks up to 37.5cm in circumference, releases the pheromone over four weeks and should be worn continuously.

“Adopting a puppy is an exciting, yet challenging time with puppies facing stressful situations such as separation from their mother, socialisation, staying home alone and experiencing new sights, sounds and noises,” comments Abigail King, product manager for ADAPTIL at Ceva Animal Health.

“ADAPTIL Junior is an effective, natural solution to help comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitate their education while helping them to learn and adapt to their new lives.  This, in turn, will ensure that puppies get off to the best start in life, which will help keep rehoming numbers down.”

To support the launch of ADAPTIL Junior, Ceva Animal Health has introduced a puppy party marketing pack to provide puppy party organisers with all the tools they need in order to stage puppy parties.

Produced in collaboration with the leading dog behaviourist, Gwen Bailey, the pack features display materials, webinars, gifts and literature including leaflets, puppy party invites and posters and is available with ADAPTIL Junior orders.

For further information on ADAPTIL Junior visit www.adaptil.com/uk.

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