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Former BVA president joins Agria as Vet Panel Lead

Agria Pet Insurance has announced that Robin Hargreaves, former British Veterinary Association (BVA) president, is joining the team as Vet Panel Lead.

This advisory role will see Robin supporting the specialist pet insurer from a veterinary perspective on many aspects of their business strategy and product portfolio, while building on Agria’s already established bonds within the international veterinary community.

In 2013/14 Robin spent a year as president of the British Veterinary Association, and is also a past president of the Lancashire Veterinary Association. In addition to his extensive clinical and industry experience, Robin is passionate about animal welfare and the proven social benefits of pet ownership.

He is also a representative of Mind Matters, a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons initiative developed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those working in the veterinary sector.

Robin comments, “I am very excited to be joining the team at Agria. It will be a wonderful opportunity to apply my clinical knowledge and experience to help an industry so fundamental to positive pet ownership. Our practice sees a blend of insured and uninsured clients, so we are very sensitive to people’s ability to pay and the importance of access to pet insurance.”

Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance, Simon Wheeler, says, “Having known Robin for many years, I have always been hugely impressed by his commitment to the profession he works in and represents. Robin is one of the UK’s most respected vets and, whether it’s animal or veterinary welfare, he is always immersed at the heart of what’s important.

“At Agria, we always aim to deliver a fantastic product underpinned with unparalleled service for
our clients and their vets. To achieve the ambition, it is paramount that Agria has a strong, inclusive relationship with the profession and Robin, as our Vet Lead, will be pivotal in ensuring this happens. We are absolutely delighted to welcome him on board and look forward to his expert council and guidance helping to shape the future of both Agria and pet insurance.”

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