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Shops with litter outside are ‘poor quality’, claim customers

Over half of customers felt that litter outside a shop made it feel of ‘poorer quality’, according to

The ‘sea of litter’ in England is costing taxpayers £1 billion per year, according to environmental organisation Keep Britain Tidy.

The independent charity also revealed in a survey that 62 percent of the population have admitted to dropping litter onto our streets. has spoken to 1,203 consumers to ask them their opinions on branded litter; what they most commonly see on our streets and their feelings about these brands.

Research by has shown that seeing an item as litter can reduce a consumers’ willingness to buy that brand.

According to’s survey, 76 percent of participants looked upon a business negatively when seeing their brand amongst waste on the streets.

The Big Litter Inquiry from 2013 revealed that “39 percent of the public would be more likely to purchase from a “good” business seen to be working to reduce litter.”

Moreover, more than a third (34 percent) would be less likely to buy from a brand they see as litter on the street.

Research has revealed that litter, especially cigarette butts, are most commonly found outside retail and commercial sites, where there is an average of 36 cigarettes on site.

Consumers have stated that they were three times more likely to go elsewhere and shop somewhere that did not have cigarette butts present.

56 percent of those questioned by felt that items sold at a shop with lots of litter outside would be ‘of a poorer quality’.


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