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Ceva sponsors veterinary practice CPD meeting

Ceva Animal Health is sponsoring the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) one-day CPD meeting on ‘Behaviour essentials for veterinary practices: effective strategies to support your canine clients throughout their lifetimes, from pups to pensioners’.

Taking place on Wednesday 25 October at the Holiday Inn in Coventry, the informative meeting will focus on dogs and will cover the most important aspects of behaviour at different stages of life from before birth through to puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and into old age.

It will include a plethora of practical strategies to help veterinary professionals support their canine clients, including breeders and owners, to ensure the wellbeing of their dogs and reduce the chances of behaviour problems occurring.

The day aims to enable vets and nurses in general practice to provide a whole practice behavioural support package for dogs and their owners.

It features presentations by leading companion animal behaviourists and trainers including: Claire Hargrave, Elaine Henley, Helen Zulch and Caroline Warnes.  Topics covered consist of ‘Advice for breeders – care of the bitch and pups from before birth and during early puppyhood’, ‘Pups – from entering the new home until around 20 weeks of age’, ‘From puberty to maturity’ and ‘Behaviour in elderly dogs’.

“During my time in practice I always felt my knowledge of behaviour was lacking,” comments Andrew Fullerton MRCVS, behaviour technical manager at Ceva Animal Health.

“As vets and nurses, I feel we should be doing more to improve even the basic advice we give to owners on behaviour.

“This CPD day is a perfect place to start and I myself am looking forward to attending!”

For further information on the APBC one-day meeting, which counts as five hours CPD, visit

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