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Pet shop repeatedly targeted by thieves

An Isle of Wight pet shop has been repeatedly targeted by thieves who have made off with £700 worth of equipment.

The Isle of Wight Pet Centre in Watergate Lane has been the victim of three different attacks within a short space of time.

The first suspect stole £500 worth of equipment from the shop at around 3.30pm on Wednesday, last week.

One of the co-mangers, Charlie Clarke, tried to chase the thief but they escaped in a car close to the shop, reports the Isle of Wight County Press.
The suspect, who entered the shop not wearing a shirt, had short, blonde hair, bearing a tattoo of a spider on his neck and another tattoo on his right shoulder. He was of medium height, with a slim build and wore beach shorts and trainers.

A second man stole £200 worth of goods but left his probation appointment details in a letter left at the scene. This detailed his full name and details.

Staff stated on Facebook: “It’s a sad time when we’ve had to do a few posts like this in a short space of time.. But today we have had another attempted thief at the Isle of Wight Pet Centre.

“We have multiple CCTV cameras inside our store, outside and along the roads. So if anyone thinks they can try their luck we suggest you reconsider. The more you try, the harder we will come down on you. Luckily our staff managed to recover the goods this time around but we couldn’t apprehend the thief.”

Another suspect who Clarke believed to have stolen in the past returned to the shop and was charged for the stolen items.

If anyone has any details of the theft contact the police on 101, quoting the crime number 44170201363.

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