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Benyfit joins forces to help overweight pet

Benyfit Natural has joined forces with House of Hugo to help an overweight pet.

Gibbs the dog weighs in at 53 kilos and has been set the goal of losing 19 kilos in the next eight weeks.

Gibbs became heavily overweight after his owners followed guides on the back of food packs and mistakenly upped his food intake as he gained weight.

ITV and national tabloids are covering his journey, where he will reveal his final weight on the 1st April.

This is a sneak peak into Leon Henderson, owner of House of Hugo’s, new TV series ‘Mr T The Canine Gut Buster’ – Leon is always there to help and never to judge.

As part of Gibbs’ weightloss journey he will be fed Benyfit Natural Sensitive, this is low in fat and does not contain any offal, this will be paired with daily hydrotherapy.

These are the two factors which will enable Gibbs to shed that extra 20kg.

Gibbs will be staying at House Of Hugo for the duration of his journey.

Saving dogs really is Leon’s passion and he has saved over 126 in exactly this way – he is a firm believer in raw food and he is also a stockist of Benyfit.

Alice Cousins of Benyfit said: “Personally Gibbs’ journey has fascinated me, I’ve learnt that the owners are not always to blame – this is not a shaming show! This is a genuine programme which will change Gibbs’ life and all the journey consists of is Benyfit Natural and Hydrotherapy, both Leon and I share a real passion for dogs.”


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