Valentine’s Day dog chew launched

Valentine’s Day dog chew ‘Grin ‘n’ Tear It’ has been launched just in time by Best in Show.

The heart-shaped design of the ‘Grin ‘n’ Tear It’ toy is a  fuss-free way to boost a dog’s oral hygiene, allowing pooches to polish while they play.

When a dog chews the hand-woven toy it acts just like doggie dental floss as the knotted rope frays, polishing and flossing the teeth.

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The toy’s shape is also perfect for a playful game of tug and can be used to help soothe teething puppies.

By soaking the toy in water and freezing overnight, puppies can soothe their gums as they play, while also encouraging puppy teeth to shed easily.

Best in Show’s brand manager, Caroline Cleary, said: “Taking care of a dog’s oral health can sometimes be overlooked by owners as brushing their teeth is often a tough task, but it is essential in maintaining their overall health.

“Our heart-shaped ‘Grin ‘n’ Tear It’ toy is the ideal addition to any dog’s dental care routine no matter the time of year, but what better time to show their teeth some love than on Valentine’s Day?

“We’re passionate about the health and well-being of the nation’s pets, and work hard to ensure all of our products are carefully designed using the highest quality materials and ingredients.

“This means owners can be confident that their four-legged friends are enjoying only the very best from the Best in Show range.”


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