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Forthglade MD warns of festive food dangers in 15 radio interviews

Gerard Lovell, Forthglade’s joint MD, is has hit the airwaves in an effort to keep dogs safe over Christmas.

Gerard, working with Nick Jones, independent canine behaviourist and owner of Alpha Dog Behaviour, has carried out 15 radio interviews including a Sky News slot.

Gerard hopes to highlight the dangers of feeding dogs human foods from the Christmas dinner table.

A Forthglade survey of 2000 UK pet owners found that although 56 percent of dog owners claimed to understand the dangers of feeding their pets human food, over two thirds still planned to dish up Christmas dinner leftovers to their canine friend this December.

15 percent of respondents admitted that they have had to seek veterinary advice on Boxing Day after feeding their dog festive human foods.

Gerard said: “Speaking to the likes of Sky News gave us a wonderful platform to help raise awareness of the dangers of sharing our own rich Christmas holiday food treats with our pets. This misguided love can result in not only tummy pains for our pets, but with certain rich foods it can potentially be fatal.”

Gerard and Nick were also able to share a list of the top five festive foods to avoid.

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