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Fergus from Grimsby named ROYAL CANIN® Rescue Cat of the Year

ROYAL CANIN® has named Fergus from Grimsby ‘Rescue Cat of the Year 2016’.

The black and white cat spent four years on the streets before arriving at Second Chance Cat Rescue, Keelby. He found a new family in Hayton and Penny Cramphorn and daughter Emily.

Fergus was shortlisted from over 1,000 entries and chosen as the winner after a public vote on Facebook. Fergus will keep his title in perpetuity, and ROYAL CANIN® has sent him a selection of goodies. Second Chance Cat Rescue has received a month’s worth of food for 50 cats.

Fergus’ time the streets left him with a collapsed lung and feline asthma. He still has daily medication for his lungs, but has become a much loved and very pampered house cat who loves eating and sleeping in the sun.

Brenda Proctor from Second Chance Cat Rescue says: “Fergus is a lovely cat – and there are so many more lovely cats in rescue all over the country, just waiting for a loving home. We are so pleased that he has won the competition, and the food that we have won for the cats we have here is a real bonus for us. As you can imagine, food costs are a major part of our expenditure, and this is such a brilliant gift for us from ROYAL CANIN® – with 35 cats currently in the rescue at the moment it means the money we usually spend on food can go towards vets’ bills.”

Supporting rescue centres

Rescue Cat of the Year aims to highlight and support the work of feline rescue centres, and to attract cat owners into the specialist pet trade. Cats and kittens go to their new homes from rescue centres with a ROYAL CANIN® pack which contains information, advice, and vouchers for redemption with a local pet shop.

Gemma Duffield, ROYAL CANIN® retail marketing manager, says: “Fergus is a worthy winner, and we are delighted to be able to focus on cat rescue centres in this way. Second Chance Cat Rescue has gained valuable local publicity from his win, and we hope Fergus enjoys his goodies and the cats still waiting for their new homes enjoy their ROYAL CANIN® food. From the specialist pet trade perspective, rescue centres represent an important source of new business, so by working with them ROYAL CANIN® is aiming to support good lifelong nutrition for these cats as well as increasing sales.”

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