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Veterinary practice adopts beehive

A Surrey based veterinary practice has adopted a beehive.

Oak Barn Vets has taken on a beehive from UK sustainability business, Plan Bee Ltd.

The Guildford based vets will welcome around 60,000 new visitors to the large grounds surrounding their 400-year-old barn location in the Surrey Hills.

While the team at Oak Barn Vets look after the birds, Plan Bee’s Brett Adshead will look after the bees.

Louise Ketteridge, veterinary surgeon and partner at the practice said: “We’re delighted to be playing our part in protecting the natural environment and already the bees are starting to create a buzz with our customers.

“Many of our regular pet owners have been asking how the bees are getting on and if they can try some of the honey. Our primary concern has always been the welfare of animals and that now includes helping to protect and preserve dwindling honeybee numbers. These vital little creatures are essential to all our survival and we want do what we can to ensure they thrive.”

The practice will also receive their share of honey from the sustainably managed hive.

Warren Bader, CEO and founder of Plan Bee added: “Oak Barn Vets is showing a major environmental commitment for a small business. For a company of only nine employees their ‘proactive sustainability’ actions are greater than those made by many big businesses. We believe that everyone can play a part in protecting the environment that we all share, and we’d encourage other small businesses to consider adopting beehives.”

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