Pet Owners

Survey says 27% are distracted by their pet when driving

Over a quarter of pet owning motorists have been distracted by their pet when driving, claims a survey from price comparison site

The online poll of 2,000 UK-based pet owning drivers found that 8 percent allow pets’ heads to poke out of the window of a moving car and 3 percent believe that their pet has caused a motor-related accident.

Matt Lloyd, motoring expert at, commented: “For many animal lovers across the UK, the family pet is very much that; part of the family. So it’s perhaps no surprise that nearly a quarter (24%) of motorists who own a pet regularly take their pet with them on car journeys.

“However, it worrying to note that a more than a quarter (27%) say they have been distracted by their pet when driving. But this may not be surprising when nearly a third (32%) of motorists do not restrain their pets while on the move.

“As National Pet Month is promoting responsible pet ownership we urge motorists to be mindful of travelling safely with a pet.”




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