Vince the Vet launches customer information video

Vet supplement range Vince the Vet is set to release a new tick awareness video, to help pet owners and retailers understand the importance of removing ticks correctly and how to care for affected dogs and cats afterwards.

Ticks are related to spiders, mites and scorpions. There are many different species of tick
living in Britain, each preferring to feed on the blood of different animal hosts. They usually appear in shrubland and woodland areas, but can also be found in residential gardens.

It is important to remove ticks immediately, as they can cause several serious
conditions, the most common being Lyme disease, with pets in the UK at risk especially at this time of year.

Dr Vince MacNally, owner of Vince the Vet, said: “The bite is usually painless and so most people will only know they have been bitten if they happen to see a feeding tick attached to them. Pets may not show any signs of being bitten at all. The risk of infection with a tick borne disease increases the longer the tick is attached, but can happen at any time during feeding. For this reason, any ticks should be safely removed as soon as possible.”

The video is available at this link:

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