Natures Menu celebrates 40th birthday

The raw and natural pet food expert celebrates its 40 years since it was founded later this month

Natures Menu is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary later this month.

The raw and natural pet food expert was founded in 1981, originally named Anglian Meat Products, and began producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) for pets as a small family run business in Norfolk.

Currently, the business employs over 240 people locally, produces an estimated 20,000 tonnes of raw and natural pet food a year and supplies to 3,500 trade shops across the UK.

James Langan, manager director at Natures Menu, said: “We’re delighted to be celebrating an incredible 40 years in operation.

“We share our success with our loyal customers and retailers and I feel very proud of the company’s continued passion to deliver high quality pet food to four-legged family members across the country for four decades.”

He added: “Our 40th year will be an exciting one, with plenty of new product development in the pipeline for both dog and cat, as well as new plans to continue developing our sustainability as a business.

“We’ll also continue to focus on our expertise in pet nutrition and advice with further episodes planned for our podcast The Pupcast, plus there’s some interesting work with industry and brand partners on the horizon too.”

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