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Burgess Pet Care warns against muesli style diets for rabbits

Burgess Pet Care has published new research on rabbit nutrition and its impact on health and welfare in a booklet for retailers and vets.

The new research, supported by Burgess Pet Care and carried out by The University of Edinburgh, highlights the dangers of feeding rabbits muesli style diets.

The practical booklet is intended to help support retailers and vets in guiding rabbit owners through making well-informed choices on their rabbits’ nutrition. Burgess Pet Care hopes to educate owners on the dietary needs of their rabbits.

The booklets will be distributed to retailers by the Burgess Pet Care field team. Any retailers or veterinary practices wishing to receive booklets are being encouraged to contact Burgess directly.

Issues highlighted in the research and associated with feeding a muesli-style diet include selective feeding; increased risk of obesity; gut stasis; fly strike; reduced fibre intake and dental disease. The results have been published in peer reviewed journals.

The practical booklet also includes additional advice on raising awareness of the differences between feeding hay and bedding hay, the importance of providing the right amount of hay and grass (85-90 percent of the diet) and how to encourage and maintain sales through efficient merchandising and POS displays.

Peter Lancaster from Burgess Pet Care explains the motivation behind the booklet: “It’s clear that rabbit owners don’t know enough about the needs of their animals. This booklet has been created to help retailers educate their customers and improve the health and welfare of rabbits in the process.

“Research from this year’s PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report showed that 25 percent of rabbit owners are still feeding unhealthy muesli style diets. We hope the research included in this booklet will increase awareness around the risks of feeding muesli, and more rabbit owners will be able to make the right choices when it comes to the wellbeing of these wonderful animals.”

If you are a Vet or a retailer and would like to receive copies of the booklet, please contact BurgessPet Care directly on: 01405 862241 or email

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