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Amy Taylor

Warning as ‘metal wire’ found in supermarket dog treats

A pet owner is warning others after finding “metal wire” in a pack of supermarket dog treats.

Amy Taylor, took to facebook to share her concerns about Gravy Bones biscuits sold in Morrisons supermarket.

She claims that almost every single biscuit was affected and contained small pieces of wire.

Commenting on the post, more than five others have shared the same problem.

Taylor’s warning was shared over 20,000 times following her purchase from the store in Solihull, West Midlands.

She stated: “Huge warning to my friends on facebook the gravy bones from Morrisons have wire going straight through them have reported it to Morrisons and are taking the treats back asap!

“Very sharp some are really long! Luckily my mum noticed although the dog has already had a few it’s on almost every single gravy bone! Pretty scary. For those saying I’m doing this to get a pay out can you please remove yourself before I do.. Im going to tell Morrisons to grab a box off their shop floor I’m that confident!

“Plus look I’m the comments yourself Youl see atleast 5+ people with the same issue! Any nasty comments will be removed, I’m sick of claims that I put the wiring in myself when there’s proof in the comments of other people with the same problem.

“️I’m not writing this post to scare anyone or get a ” pay out” as people say it’s just to make you aware ps the dog is okay.”

Morrisons has stated that: “We’ve examined the sample and determined that the objects are not metal.  They are animal hairs that are sometimes found in the ingredients of the gravy bones.”

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